Interview mit Lorna von Skinny Lister

Beim Women of the World Festival 2013 stellte sich die Leadsängerin von Skinny Lister unseren Fragen

Skinny Lister ist eine fünfköpfige, britische Band deren Musik an Irische und Englische-Folk Songs, Shanties und Traditionals angelehnt ist.
Am 5. April 2013 traten sie im Rahmen des Women of the World Festival im Club Nachtleben in Frankfurt auf.
Die Band spielte nicht nur auf der Bühne, sondern auch mittendrin im hingerissenen Publikum und durfte sich erst nach mehreren Zugaben von der Bühne verabschieden. Nach dem Auftritt nahm sich die Leadsängerin Lorna die Zeit, unsere Interviewfragen zu beantworten. Das Interview führte Karin für die Städtegruppe Rhein-Main.

TdF: What was your first thought, when you heard about the Festival, respectively were booked for the Festival?
Lorna: Women are great. I am definitely the most bossy member and the men do what I say (kind of).
TdF: Do you like the concept or the  idea?
Lorna: Of course. Not everyone is as privileged as me.
TdF: When did you start making music and did you plan to become a professional musician?
Lorna: No. But I wanted to join in the fun. The fellas have been playing along time and agreed I would get on board.
TdF: Do you think women have a different  approach to music or writing song texts?
Lorna: I think everyone has a different approach. It’s whatever works for you.
TdF: Do you believe music can change the world?
Lorna: Yes! It really empowers people and unites.
TdF: How about your music?
Lorna: Our music is all about people enjoying. Themselves and being as me.
TdF:  Have you heard about TDF before? If yes: where/how?
Lorna: No, but now we will spread the word.
TdF: Do you have any information about the issues we are dealing with and the human rights violations like: Human Trafficking, human trafficking of women into prostitution or slavery, child abuse, Female Genital Cutting ect.
Lorna: Yes I knew there is far more trafficking them people know about and find it very upsetting. Anything I can do to help …
TdF: Where did you get the information and do you already support an NGO or any charity?
Lorna: I’ve worked in an NGO in India, for Social Change and Development.
TdF: Would you like to become a TDF ambassador and speak out for our organization?
Lorna: I’m a horrible drunk! One day.
TdF: How did you like this years Valentine´s Day? Have you heard about Eve Enslin´s One Billion Rising? (She did not hear about it so far. But it sounds interesting to her.)
Lorna: I’ll check it out!!
TdF: How would you change the world? (concerning human rights for women?)
Lorna: I can’t answer. Its too frustrating. Every little thing helps though.
TdF: What do you think, if you here the words patriarchy or feminism? Would you call yourself a feminist?
Lorna: I don’t associate myself with the words. Maybe I am a feminist without knowing.
TdF: Your message to the world (as a women).
Lorna: Believe in yourself.

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